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My Story

It was Christmas day, 1974, in the suburbs of Detroit, that I was brought home from the hospital in a red stocking and a little white cap. I was the worst present my older brother and sister couldn’t imagine. From that day forward, I was to learn how to fend for, care for, and entertain myself. I suppose it was their disinterest in me that formed my storytelling. Without siblings to play with, I was left to create on my own, in my head, in my life, what I longed for in my family. I acted, danced, played sports and did my best in school to make up for the perceived annoyance I was to them. It turned out I was a good athlete, and with Title IX front and center a clear path was set for me in the wide world of sports. Which meant leaving behind the dancing and painting and any other artistic endeavors, they said, "if was serious about becoming an Olympian someday." 

I didn’t become an Olympian. But I stayed in the sports world as a sport psychologist..but that’s another story.

The truth is, alone in my room I was learning how to tell see things beyond this world and into another.  After forty-two years I realized, I could be a decent storyteller. Maybe Robert Bly was right when he said, “Our wound is our gold."

Today, my work is motivated by my own desire to fend for, care for and entertain others. I love that life is at once both complex and incredibly simple. For what I know to be true is this: there is nothing of greater importance than befriending our wounds, which is an intricate and tricky endeavor. And yet this is the only path to revealing our real gifts. If you can find your wound, you will find your gold. In beauty, it’s begun. -Ashley





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Valid & Required Productions


In 2014 I created a conscious media production company with academy award-winning writer/director, Mark Millhone, who has since become my life partner in all things. Our company aims to enrich the lives of our audience, creating content that promotes an awakened, adventurous collective consciousness. The name Valid & Required was inspired partially by the book, The Presence Process by Michael Brown, a book that helped shape how we own our experiences. When we do, our life becomes more colorful, interesting and emotionally stimulating, just like a good story. Just like every character’s experience is  both valid & required for the story to move forward, our own personal experiences, good and bad, are also necessary for a deeper consciousness to evolve that will guide humanity towards a more sustainable, unified world.

The company primarily creates motion pictures and video content, but has also produced for the web, as well as created photography books. Valid & Required short films have won the prestigious IndieFEST Awards of Excellence, and have been finalists in LA CineFest Awards and the Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards.  Their music videos have played on VH1 and have been seen by millions via high profile artist’s websites.  They have created short form web content for National Geographic Online and have screened films at Taos Shortz Fest, New Hampshire Film Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival, Portland Film Festival and more. 

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